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The Olsen twins


The Olsen twins were professional actors before they could speak, and now they're cute and kinda creepy millionaires.

A TV executive held the twins in his arms when they were three or maybe nine months old (accounts vary), and neither girl cried. On the basis of this 'audition,' the Olsen twins landed the shared role of baby Michelle on Full House, when they weren't even toddlers. They were nine when the show finally ended.

The twins were raised by their mother after their parents' divorce, and most media coverage -- there has been lots -- says they had a fairly normal upbringing. But how normal could it have been? Normal parents don't take their infants on auditions, and normal twins don't film their first Christmas special (To Grandmother's House We Go) when they're six, or The Olsen Twins' Mothers' Day Special a few months after that.

An album called Brother For Sale sold well, and led to several more albums. "Mary-Kate and Ashley In Action" books cast them as spies. "Tweens" (children aged between 8 and 12) seemed to love this kind of entertainment, so more and more of it was made, under the watchful hand of the twins' "business partner," Robert Thorne, and their production company, called Dualstar Entertainment. "Mary-Kate and Ashley" school folders, backpacks, video games, or any product with their name on it was an assured money-maker.

Full House was cancelled in 1995, and for most actors having your sit-com end is bad news. Without a TV show to occupy their time, though, the Olsen twins were able to increase their output. They had already released several direct-to-video hits, and started two popular video series, "The Adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley," with the twins as kid detectives who would "solve any crime by dinner time," and "You're Invited to Mary-Kate and Ashley's ... [Birthday Party, Mall of America Party, etc.]."Today Both go to University.


''Cute when Michelle Tanner was baby"

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